Frequently Asked Questions

How much meat will I get from my animal? (beef)

Generally an animal will yield a carcass with a hanging weight that is between 50-65% of the live weight. There are many variables that can effect this, such as breed and body condition.

Example- A 1000 lb steer can yield a hanging weight or rail weight of 600 lbs. Once that has been processed the final take home box weight should be between 350-400 lbs of beef. 

How do I know how much processing fees will cost?

We have a 70 dollar kill fee for any animal being processed. additionally, the processing cost is the rail weight or hanging weight of the animal X the cost per lb to process.

$70 kill fee
600 lb hanging weight X .75 cents = $450
Total- $520+tax

How long will my beef age?

On an animal that is being ground the turn around time will be much quicker than an animal that is going to age before processing. 10-14 days is the standard aging period for an animal coming through our facility. 

How do I know I am getting my meat back?

In short, you don't. If someone wanted to cheat you and lie to you, it would be very hard to determine otherwise. We understand that is a concern for many people in todays market. 

At MCP, you have our word and that means a lot to us. We want the opportunity to earn your trust and business. 

All animals that come through our doors will be tagged, numbered and recorded to ensure that the meat you bring in is the meat you leave with. These animals will all be cut and or ground separately to ensure that there is no mixing. We will also have state inspectors on hand for many of the kill dates to ensure compliance.